From the Lodge President


By John Andreasen, Lodge President

"Leif Eriksson Discovers America" painting

“Leif Eriksson Discovers America”
by Christian Krohg, 1893 “Landkjenning” – to discover the shoreline

This Norwegian painting shows Leif Eriksson, with one hand steering his sturdy Viking ship, pointing ahead to the distant shoreline – the North American continent. He is looking ahead with confidence to an unknown future.

This is a reminder of where we are this month with the Sons of Norway. We are together in a ship on a turbulent sea, with our eyes focused on the future. We will be finished with the Covid journey and soon put our feet on solid ground. Once we make landfall, I hope to build on three foundational pillars for our work together.

First, as we come out of our self-imposed isolation, we can enjoy the warmth of meeting face-to-face. Renewing acquaintances and building new relationships has been the Norwegian experience in America for almost 200 years. We share our identity, we learn about our heritage, and we develop our culture.

Second, as members of Sons of Norway, we are a caring community, protecting our-selves from loss through insurance coverage, and helping others through educational and humanitarian programs. With professional guidance, we invest for retirement and pass our values on to the next generation.

Third, along with the crew on the Viking ship, we each have an important role to play in building our community. We will work together to strengthen our Kringen Lodge and Club. We have officers, trustees, employees, volunteers and over 1100 members. Together we face exciting opportunities and heart-warming experiences.

A landing is in sight – “landkjenning!” Pray for the wind to fill the sails and the strength to pull the oars.

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