Nordic Spring

7 Nordic-Inspired Ways to Celebrate Spring

As late winter gives way to Spring, here are some Nordic-inspired ideas to celebrate the change of seasons.  

  1. Be inspired by natural beauty and savor the stillness of each morning by photographing the sunrise over several days or weeks. 
  2. Pick your favorite Norwegian cookie or bread and fill your home with the inviting scent. Then surprise a friend by sharing your homemade treat.   
  3. Every spring brings changes to our lives. Take time to handwrite a letter to an old friend you haven’t seen in months or years and ask “what’s new?” 
  4. Enjoy a walk in the warming weather. Look for budding trees and new growth on shrubs and bushes. Have some early spring flowers like snow drops or daffodils started to pop up? 
  5. Is there a cultural skill you want to explore this year? Consider a skill you’re curious about but have never tried. Even better, share the fun of learning by inviting a friend or family member to join your exploration. 
  6. Fill a bird feeder and your bird bath, if temperatures permit. Keep a birding guide handy to identify returning migratory birds. When will the first robin of the season arrive? 
  7. It’s been said that when you plant kindness you gather joy. As you go about each day, live your Nordic values with simple acts of kindness to others and add joyful moments to your life!
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