Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

Queen of Norway?

When Princess Märtha Louise of Norway was born in 1971, women were barred from ascending the throne of Norway. Her brother, Crown Prince Haakon, was born 2 years later and would eventually become next in line to the throne.

Eventually, in 1990, the law was changed so that women could become queen. But it only applies to those born after the law was put into place.

The Princess recently shared that she was given the option to change the law. “When I was 15, the Prime Minister at the time was a woman, and she suddenly came up with the idea that [the law] was wrong. I remember she came home to us, with granddad [King Olav V], and we had a discussion about whether we should change the whole system and I should be queen.”

“They said, ‘What do you want, Märtha?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m 15, I don’t know about these things,'” she added. Ultimately, the laws remained unchanged for a few years, but it started the discussion about updating the rules.

Now, Norway is set to have a female monarch in the future. Crown Prince Haakon’s first-born child is Princess Ingrid Alexandra, and is second in line to the throne.

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