Working to make sports more equitable

Girls should have the same conditions in sports as boys. That is the aim of a new project. Star athletes Amalie Iuel, Maren Lundby and Grace Bullen are will be ambassadors for the project.

Grace Bullen is a wrestler. Amalie Iuel is a hurdler. And Maren Lundby is a ski jumper. Now they hope to contribute to there being fewer differences between men’s and women’s sports in Norway.

“We are proud to be ambassadors for Like Muligheter [Equal Opportunities]. This is a good, vital initiative. And it is a positive thing that several players are coming together to reduce inequities in sports,” the three state in a press release.

The three will visit clubs and attend seminars. They will also help to make people aware of this subject via PR campaigns and on social media. Specific goals have also been set for women to have equally favorable conditions for training and competition.

“It takes a lot of energy and time to be at the forefront of this. But it also gives me a little boost and motivation when I see that things are progressing,” Lundby tells the newspaper VG. She has not jumped in competition in several weeks. The reason is that women’s ski jumping is on a break.

Men’s ski jumping has had its own programs and several competitions during the same period, writes VG. The difference is due to the fact that more money is spent on men’s ski jumping. Also because there is more money to be made from it, according to the International Ski Federation (FIS).

The Norwegian Ski Association, the Norwegian Athletics Association and the Norwegian Wrestling Association have received support from business partners. And they get support from Abid Raja. He is the Minister of Culture and Sports. He thanks those who stand behind the project.

“We are one of the countries with the most gender equality in the world. Then there must also be equal opportunities in sports, both for women and men. I have strong expectations for sports. I want them to be equitable. It also means that sponsors are motivated and that they agree to sponsor women as much as they sponsor men, says Raja.

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