From the Klub President

Time Flies!

by Kyle Handegard, Kringen Klub President

June is here meaning we are almost half way through 2021 – time flies!

Midsummer’s Eve is commonly known in Norway as St. Hans. Like many other Christian celebrations, St. Hans was originally a pagan festival. The central element of the celebration is the lighting of a large bonfire. Traditionally, the bonfire was lit around farms to “wake up” the ground. When the light from the fire shone on the fields they were believed to become extra fertile that year. St. Hans is a celebration of nature, life and fertility. Many of the traditions are connected with the renewal of life. If a girl picked five or seven different herbs and flowers on this day and put them under her pillow at night, she would dream of her husband to be. Join us June 22nd when we crown our new St. Hans.

Smørbrød will be served Wednesday, June 23rd. The Kringen Kafe will offer open faced sandwiches and Norwegian goodies. Come and Enjoy!

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