Nordic-inspired Wedding Celebrations

Nordic wedding themes can run the gamut of eras and styles. With just a few elements, you can create a unique event that is just right for the wedding couple.

Old Norse clothing and foods (drinking horn of mead, anyone?) from the Viking age may be a part of your celebration. Or perhaps you’d like to honor more recent ancestors with traditional bunads for the wedding party. Favorite treats like lefse and a towering kransekake decorated with Norwegian flags could grace your reception. If the clean lines of modern Scandinavian design appeal, then natural wood serving pieces, simple floral centerpieces and a scattering of white candles provide a cozy atmosphere.

If you or a family member are dreaming of a Nordic-inspired wedding, here are more ideas to spark your creativity!

  • Choose a venue with Nordic décor. There are Sons of Norway lodge buildings that incorporate Norwegian style across North America, as well as Stave Church replicas and hotels with Scandinavian flair, for a modern look.
  • Create a wedding invitation that incorporates rosemaling or a Norwegian landscape background in the design. You can repeat these elements in other decorations.
  • Assign reception table names based on locations in Norway. Add table decorations such as Norwegian wood carvings, pewter or rosemaled pieces. And you can make traditional Norwegian heart-shaped woven baskets called julekurver. Filled with nuts or candies, they are a nice gift for your guests.

Looking for more ideas? The July 2013 Viking in the online magazine archive features the weddings of 4 couples, including that of current International President Ron Stubbings and Riitta Huttunen.

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