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Building a Dream: The Moorhead Stave Church

November Cultural Night
featuring Guy Paulson and Markus Krueger
Tuesday, November 2 Cultural Corner at 6:30 pm

As the Viking Age in Norway drew to a close in the 1100s and with the conversion to Christianity the need arose for the construction of places of worship. Stave Churches were built throughout the land introducing symbols of this new religion. Few of these churches have survived. One structure still standing today is the Hopperstad Stave Church located on the Sognefjord in
Vik Norway.

Guy Paulson had a dream, a really big dream! Drawing on his love of Christianity and Norwegian heritage as well as his skill as a builder and artisan, he began to build a full-size replica of the
Hopperstad Stave Church in Moorhead. Over the course of five years, the dream was fulfilled. Located at the Heritage Hjemkomst Center, Guy Paulson’s amazing gift to our community stands as
his lasting legacy.

The November Cultural program will feature a film depicting the creation of the church. Guy Paulson and Markus Krueger, Programming Director for the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay
County will be with us to answer questions and provide additional insight into this amazing story

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