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Norwegian Language Classes at Kringen

Norwegian Language classes at Sons of Norway Kringen Lodge #25 have begun the Fall 2021 series. The classes are being held on Monday evenings from October 4 to November 22. The Norwegian teachers are pleased that even with the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic there are about 35 students wanting to continue (or begin) their learning.

Classes are being designed to keep participants as healthy as can be. Everyone is required to be vaccinated and to wear a mask. Classes are as few as 3 students and as many as 9 students, so the participants can distance themselves for added safety in rooms that are adequate to do that. The usual ‘coffee time’ is not being held this fall. The hope is that the classes will be able to complete the schedule this fall, and not only this but that the classes next March and April will be able to go on as scheduled, too.

The Norwegian teachers want to share with you what attracted them to learn and teach Norwegian. This month Trygve Olson shares how he has benefited from the study of Norwegian. Trygve is teaching our fifth class. They are finishing NORSK, NORDMENN OG NORGE – ‘Norwegian, Norwegians and Norway.’ This course in basic Norwegian has served us well. It is an excellent course but was published in 1981, so, being 40 years old, it is quite dated now. Our thanks to Trygve for giving his time and energy to help others learn Norwegian.

Trygve writes:
“The most obvious reason I decided to enroll in Norwegian language classes was to learn the language and culture of my ancestors. While much of that learning came from my instructors, I also learned from other students. Such things as sharing old country traditions as 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation Norwegian-Americans and most importantly their knowledge of genealogical research was most helpful.”

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