12-Year-Old Boy Finds Ring From Roman Times in His Search for Grandpa’s Lost Wedding Ring

Tomas Vang, a resident of Inderøy Municipality in Trøndelag, lost his wedding ring this past winter. In hopes of reuniting the ring with its owner, Magnus—Vang’s grandson—had been searching for it all summer. Magnus used his metal detector and when it started beeping he thought he had found his grandfather’s ring. To his surprise, he had found another ring—a much older one.

In fact, the ring that Magnus discovered was about 1,500 years old. Magnus and his grandpa contacted authorities who then involved archaeologists. The archaeologists were thrilled to hear about the ring and they believe it may date to late Roman times.

To understand more about the ring, it is being sent to the NTNU Science Museum in Trondheim where it will be cleaned and cataloged. Grandpa Tomas was understandably both happy and disappointed with the ring pursuit, stating, “I would have liked to have found my own, but I’m glad we found this one.”

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