New Law Brings a Touch of Reality to Social Media

Earlier this year, Norwegian lawmakers passed the Retouched Photo Law requiring influencers and celebrities to use a symbol indicating if their images have been photoshopped. The idea is to promote honesty in body image and beauty standards, so young viewers retain a sense of what is realistic.

According to the new requirement, social media mavens must include this symbol whenever body shape, size or skin have been altered from reality. This only applies to paid posts. The government hopes this will reduce kroppspress (body pressure) and stave off anxiety and eating disorders.

One influencer, Madeleine Pederson of Moss, told Radio 1 Newsbeat that she’d previously struggled with body insecurity because of Instagram. She no longer feels like she has to modify her appearance to her audience of 90k followers.

Pederson thinks influencers will edit their photos less now, as they won’t want to admit to photoshopping.

The law stops short of banning photo retouching altogether. Some say that disclosure isn’t enough to combat the massive number of images that youth encounter each day.

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