Norway’s Focus on Becoming the World’s Most Sustainable Data Center Nation

As the coronavirus pandemic has shown us, the need for computer power is extremely evident. In part due to this, Norway has been focusing on their data center strategy. Minister of Regional Development and Digitalization, Linda Hofstad Helleland, stated, “Norway has a unique foundation for becoming the world’s most attractive data center nation. We have a surplus of renewable energy, low electricity prices, good digital infrastructure, and a cool climate.”

The other added benefit is the creation of jobs that will result from strengthening their data center industry. The industry currently contributes to 2,000 jobs but could grow to 11,000 jobs in 2025. In the past year, several new data center locations have been established.

Helleland believes it is very important that Norway is successful in facilitating sustainable business development throughout the country; “We must use Norwegian power resources to develop new green industries in rural areas and attract international investment.” Fortunately, there is great cooperation between the data center industry and the Norwegian government which will help spur further growth.

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