From the Lodge President

Ready for “Slankekurset?”

During this Christmas season, the Julebord has been filled to overflowing with the finest foods. I suspect the homemade desserts have not been lacking in calories. For many of us, it is a lot
easier to pull our chair up to the table than it is to push ourselves away, or at least to say “no thanks” to second helpings.

Looking back at the julekake, rosettes, lefse, fattigman, sotsuppe, and perhaps even lutefisk, we try to correct our course for the year ahead with New Year’s Resolutions. A common confession is that we have indulged too often and really ought to cut back on our calories.

The Norwegian vocabulary has a choice phrase for slimming down after a season of eating. As if they are taking it seriously and going to enroll in a class of self-discipline, they say they are going to take a “slankekurs,” meaning a course in slimming down. In English, we say, “I am going on a diet!”

The Norwegians are about as serious as we are. It lasts until the next meal of delicious leftovers.

Happy New Year!

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