World’s Longest Undersea Power Cable is Now Operational

The world’s longest undersea electricity cable between Norway and the U.K. is now operational. The interconnector, known as the North Sea Link, was a joint venture between British company National Grid and Norwegian power operator Statnett. The cable spans 450 miles and connects Kvilldal in Norway with Blyth in Northumberland. At full capacity, 1.4 million homes can be supplied by hydro-power. National Grid Ventures president Cordi O’Hara said it was a “remarkable feat of engineering…we had to go through mountains, fjords and across the North Sea.”

This project will help the U.K. reduce about 23 million tons of carbon emissions by 2030. It is truly beneficial for both parties as extra renewable power will be exported to Norway when wind generation is high in the U.K. but energy demand is low. This will help Norway conserve water in their reservoirs. All in all, this venture is “a great example of two countries working together to maximize renewable energy resources for mutual benefit.”

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