Norwegian Film Nominated for Oscar: “Verdens Verste Menneske”

In October 2021, the Norwegian film “Verdens Verste Menneske” was released in France and Norway. The film, which translates to “The Worst Person in the World,” has been a hit and has since been released in the USA in early February 2022. In fact, the film has been nominated for an Oscar in the “Best Foreign Language Film” category by The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences in Hollywood.

This is not the film’s first praise, however. The film has already won “Best Foreign Film” at the New York Film Critics Circle in December, making it the first-ever Norwegian film to win. In the lead role, Renate Reinsve has also been in the spotlight since the film’s premiere as she won “Best Actress” at the Cannes Film Festival. The film depicts her character finding her way through life and love.

This is the sixth time Norway has been nominated for an Oscar in that category, however, all previous nominations have not been the winners. Sadly, it was not in the cards for “Verdens Verste Menneske” this year. The award went to the film “Drive My Car” from Japan.

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