An Aquarium Experience Beyond the Arctic Circle

In the northernmost part of Norway tucked near the water’s edge in Tromsø you will find an attraction called “Polaria.” Upon first glimpse you might think this building has toppled over, but don’t be fooled. Inside you will find exhibits unique to the Svalbard region including a simulated permafrost. The aquarium features rare cold-water fish, fascinating marine life and a large pool housing bearded seals. Visitors are invited to an intimate look at these creatures thanks to a viewing bubble inside the tank wall. If you go, don’t forget to reserve time to experience the “Arctic Walkway,” a panoramic cinema including displays of polar exploration gear.

While the sea life at Polaria is captivating, the building itself has an interesting design that evokes a massive ice floe; the architecture resembles a toppled cascade of blocks of ice. This attraction opened in 1998 and continues to draw visitors every year.

Be sure and save time to visit this wonder while touring Northern Norway.

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