Hurtigruten Hopes for Zero Emission Ship by 2030

The Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express has operated for nearly 130 years, traveling between 34 ports, from Bergen to Kirkenes. It is a popular way for travelers to see remote Norwegian communities and beautiful fjords. Recently, the cruise company announced that by 2030, the route will feature its first zero-emissions passenger ship. As part of the initiative, Hurtigruten has partnered with a Norwegian research institute, SINTEF, to research and analyze the ship building program.

While Hurtigruten has made many strides towards sustainability in the past, Hurtigruten Group CEO, Daniel Skjeldam, called the project its “most ambitious sustainability initiative to date.” They will first start with the Norwegian Coastal Express as its route consists of frequent anchorages, making it easier to “fuel up.” Then they would like to expand the practices to their expedition ships, which travel to places like Antarctica and Alaska.

Hurtigruten plans to be very open with their findings in hopes that the rest of the industry can benefit, as well.

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