The Election Is Over. The Results Are In.

By Kyle Handegard, Klub President

Kringen Klub board met January 11th with their first order of business to elect officers: President – Kyle Handegard, Vice-President – John Jorgensen, Secretary – Chris Carlson and Treasurer – Bill Martinson. Welcome to our new trustee, Lynne Rommesmo, who also joins directors Brenda Wassberg and Paul Vesledahl on the board.

Outgoing Klub President Doug Benson, along with his wife, Phyllis, did a commendable job leading us through the kitchen remodel, pandemic and securing support from grants. Thank you, Doug, for your leadership!

The roof project is complete and we are considering future projects for 2021. Capacity in the dining room is open for more patrons and the Troll lounge has opened for guests at a limited capacity. Check your Posten calendar for upcoming events and social nights. The weather is very cooperative making it easier for us to get around.

Come support Kringen Klub!

God Jul og Godt Nytt År!

By Doug Benson, Klub President

It has been my privilege these past two years to serve as your Kringen Club President, to the 1,100+ members of Kringen lodge. Many positive changes were made at SON and I would like to thank you for your support. We have a vibrant Club/Lodge that continues to provide cultural opportunities, traditional foods and entertainment to our members.

2020 brought a complete Kitchen remodel with all new equipment that was started in February and completed in April which included: new plumbing, floor tile, a new walk-in cooler and all new kitchen equipment, a new ventilation system and fire suppression system, electrical upgrades and improvements in the utility room, new lighting and ceiling tile upgrades in the dining area and ballroom and renovation of the second-floor storage area above the Troll Lounge. Upgrading and painting of the lodge and club offices, ballroom and library were completed. A major upgrade in the ballroom which includes a storage room, new lights and ceiling tiles.

The Rental property, which has been used by Unseen Ministries for the past seven years was refreshed with winterization projects, new ceiling tiles, wall painting and the parking lot striping and is ready for new tenants.

The long-awaited replacement of the entire roof at Kringen Club, by MJ Dalsin, will be completed before January 31, 2021. Thanks for your patience and all who have gifted $37,000 the past few years toward this $97,000 project!

As your club president, I have worked to secure available Federal and North Dakota grants/loans during the past eight months to help us meet our financial obligations. In total, more than $60,000 has been applied for with the last grant still pending. Even though we pride ourselves at being COVID-19 compliant and keeping Members safe, during the last month we have had members who are Covid19 Positive. Stay smart, safe and stay home if you are ill to help stop Covid!

Thank You to our Outstanding Staff: Allison Kenninger, our Club Manager; Asst. Manager and bookkeeper, Laurie Knutson; Head Cook, Denise Dorval and all of our other staff. Even with the COVID-19 Pandemic, our many Volunteers have kept Kringen Klub/Lodge safely going this year. A big Thank You to all of our Kringen volunteers!

Also, Tusen Takk, to all of you who made financial donations to the Club during this past year. You will again be asked to step up to assure that Kringen Lodge/Club stays active and vibrant in the future!

The Juven team has held four Lutefisk and Meatball events under strict COVID 19 guidelines this past fall with additional dinners planned the third Sunday in January through April.

Even though plans to celebrate the 45th Year Celebration of our current Kringen Club and the 125th Anniversary of SON International did not happen due to the pandemic, there will soon be plans to celebrate in 2021.

What does 2021 hold in store for Kringen? With our new kitchen and our new Roof and a multitude of other improvements, a focus will be on new Signage on the Kringen building in the spring. Our most important task is to keep you safe and to grow our profits. We will be asking for your support to make our Klub/Lodge dreams come true. We have much to be thankful for here at Sons of Norway Kringen in 2020 and much to look forward to in 2021.

May God bless You with Peace and Love in 2021! Godt Nytt År!