October was busy and November will be too!

In October we were fortunate to get back to learning Norwegian on Monday nights. After 2 years of canceled classes, we have been able to once again meet in person. Thanks to our dedicated teachers! Vesterheim Gold Medalist Lois Mueller taught a three-day rosemaling class here at Kringen and the Culture Committee is giving all Kringen members who took the class a stipend. In conjunction with Greg Danz from Zandbroz, we hosted an author talk and book signing with Eric Dregni. Hopefully, we will be able to offer more events like these in the future.

Looking forward to November, our Cultural Night on the 2nd will feature the marvelous Hopperstad Stave Church located at the Heritage Hjemkomst Center, built by our own member Guy Paulson. The Lesering (Book club) will read and discuss Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teaching of Plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer on the 8th, Language classes continue on Monday nights thru the 22nd. The Rosemaling group meets on Mondays at 1. The knitting and handiwork group meets on the first and third Fridays of each month. The library is open daily from 11 to 2 and Tuesday evenings; more hours to be added. Genealogist Carol Olson will be in the library on Thursdays from 11 to 2. She has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in genealogy, she is looking forward to helping our members research their ancestors and heritage. Some of you know Carol from the knitting group, she keeps herself very busy. Her husband Ray will be there occasionally too.

October was a busy month for donations. Thanks to Alden Pederson for Scandinavian cookbooks and Sons of Norway songbooks, Reed Malm for the book American Relief for Norway (published post-war 1947), Dale Grothe for a collection of books dealing with information on Runes, Arnold Jordheim for photo albums of travel pictures from Norway, Boyd Wermedahl for the book Farming med Hoved og Handler, Kari Jo Hanson for Bygdeboker (city or village books from Norway), an unknown donor for a ledger from the Solvang Lodge once located in Walcott, ND. Duane and Shirley Svanes gifted a set of 19 figures dressed in bunader (traditional Norwegian clothing by region)now on display in the library, Ruth Rutten has given maps of the counties in Norway and of where traditional bunader come from, she also passed down a Sons of Norway satchel/binder for use by the Lodge President. Lydia Ronningen donated her grandmother’s Hardanger books
and materials. Alan Pearson has rosemaled an easel made by his brother Rodger Pearson. Donations of computer equipment for use in the library have been received. Three wooden bookcases given by an anonymous donor are now holding the collection of books written in Norwegian. Bev Lake has contributed an oak table for use
in the library meeting room.

Many thanks to the volunteers who staff the library, You brighten their days when you stop and check out a book! A special thanks to Jan Kaspari who has spent untold hours cataloging the collection of books. A very big thank you to Les Bakke and John Jorgensen for getting our information technology up and running and the time spent teaching the staff how to use it.

In addition to the books we have purchased for Lesering there are other new books available: Eric Dregi’s For the Love of Cod: A Father and Son’s Search for Norwegian Happiness and Midwest Marvels: Roadside Attractions Across Iowa, Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Wisconsin, Liv Arnesen’s Skiing into the Bright Light: My Journey to the South Pole. More from Lauraine Snelling will be on the way! Please if you have any suggestions let us know. The Lodge and Library number is 701- 478-5727 or email [email protected]

Det blir snart kaldt. Det er på tiden med en god bok.
It will be cold soon. It is time for a good book.

New shelving arrives at the Kringen Heritage Library

As summer winds down it’s going to be a great autumn at Kringen. Language classes, Lesering (book club), author events, Hardanger, and other classes are right around the corner. Please watch for updates on these and other programs coming your way.

For the gifts given to us by our members, we are grateful. Lovely handmade Norwegian wall hangings have been given to us by the Gene and Eileen Perhus family. Eileen herself created three of them and another one was made by Gene’s mother Ellen. Doilies and books which belonged to Tom and Marion Stockland were given to us by Neal Stockland. A monetary donation was given by the Dr. Nils Tronnes family. Dr. Tronnes was one of the original benefactors who helped start the Kringen Library. Clayton Olson has also donated a variety of books.

Les Bakke, Bev Lake, and Lynne Rommesmo were able to arrange for donations and the labor to procure and relocate shelving units and bookcases from Trinity Lutheran in Moorhead. Thank you to John Andreasen for leading us to this opportunity. The process of sorting and shelving the Kringen collection is now in full swing. We are looking forward to an easier to use the facility and the ability to also show off many of our Scandinavian items. Stop in and see our progress, the library is open every day over the lunch hour and on Tuesday evenings.

New and notable among the books in our library are the books written by Peter Geye. We will be reading the third book in his Eide family trilogy Northernmost for the September Lesering. Two essay collections, A Treasury of Old Souls and Back on the Farm by Eric Bergeson have been added. Borghild: A History of Norwegian American Pioneers in Eastern Clay County Minnesota was donated to us by the Ulen Museum on our recent tour.

Thanks again to Les Bakke for presenting his World War II Veterans program at our August cultural night and again presenting on September 7th. This program will deal with the history of migration to the Red River Valley. Last month Les spoke to a full house so mark your calendars!

A Busy Time for the Cultural Committee

by Lynne Olson Rommesmo

The Cultural Committee has been keeping busy over the summer! The Kringen Library is getting a thorough make-over and gearing up for an exciting fall. Norwegian Language Classes are going to be a reality once again. Lois Mueller will be teaching a rosemaling class in October here at Kringen. Lesering (bookclub) has amazing books selected for reading in the fall and winter. The large display case is now filled with rosemaled items. Les Bakke will be presenting at the August Cultural Night on the 3rd.

Our thanks go out to our members for donations to support the cultural offerings available at Kringen. Books have been donated by Evonne and Verlyn Anderson, Myrna Beattie, Karen Hendrickson, Will Hiebert, Carrol Juven, Judy Maxon, Steve Olson, and Norman Skaug. Some very unique books have been donated including the donation by Karen of 100 Timer I Engelsk (100 Lessons in English) a learning book for Norwegian immigrants and the book donated by Norman which includes all the Norwegian settlements in the US arranged by state and county. Willaim Kent Krueger books, songbooks, and an enormous unabridged dictionary are some of the other donations.

Carrol and Barb Juven have again filled the display case with items from their collections, rosemaled items are featured. Very old Norwegian flags have been given by Helen Holland, these came with her father-in-law’s family from Norway. Les Bakke will be our speaker at the August 3rd Cultural Night. Les had an entertaining and interesting offering last month on the 1960s. This month his topic is ‘In Their Own Words, Stories from WW II Veterans’. Please join us on the first Tuesday at 6:30pm in the ballroom, you will not be disappointed! Thank you again to all our generous members for your support.

Please visit our library, we are open over the lunch hour from 11 to 2 and available by chance or appointment. We have resources available to help with your genealogy searches, fiction, and nonfiction books, regional and Nordic books, folk art and craft books, DVDs, and much more for Kringen members’ benefit.

If you want to get in touch with us the Kringen Lodge and Library number is 701-478-5727 or contact me at [email protected] or 701-552-1302

New Donations To The Kringen Heritage Library

by Lynne Olson Rommesmo

An immigrant trunk has been donated to the Sons of Norway by Arnold Jordheim. This trunk arrived in Barrie Township, west of Walcott ND, in 1903 with Arnold’s maternal uncle Ole Eikre. As a 17-year-old, Ole traveled from Hemsdel Norway to the US to join his uncle, Knute Eckre, in North Dakota. Eventually, other members of the family arrived also. Note the name change from Eikre to Eckre; many family names were changed upon arrival in the new land. The trunk is now on display in our library with additional family history included. Thank you, Arnold!

Dawn Morgan has donated a dining room set for use in the library in memory and honor of her mom, Gladys Hendrickson. Thank you to Dawn, we will put this table to good use.

Les Bakke continues to teach genealogy and provides weekly genealogy assistance on Tuesdays during lunch in the lodge office. Carol Olson is coming on board to offer additional help to our members in the field of genealogy. Carol has been researching Norwegian genealogy for over 38 years. Now retired, her library career spanned more than thirty years at Luther Seminary (St. Paul, Minnesota) and Trinity Lutheran Seminary (Columbus, Ohio). Thank you both for volunteering at Kringen!

Gifts to the Kringen Cultural Fund have been given in honor of Gerda Jordheim, Elaine Fiske, and Lillian Meyer. They have all celebrated milestone birthdays recently and contributed many hours volunteering here. Happy Birthday and thanks to you three! Memorial funds have been received in honor of Neva Satermo. Neva was a great lefse roller and will be missed on the lefse team.

Takk alle sammen! Husk å lese gode bøker i juli!