Jump on the Trend of Nordic Walking

You may have seen people out walking with a pair of poles, and wondered what became of their skis. Or maybe you were curious if that person has issues with balance. 
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A Syttende Mai Memory

On our first visit to Norway in 1971, Evonne and I traveled on our own for five weeks. We visited Evonne’s relatives who live in Eidsvoll, Norway during Norway’s Constitution Day, May 17th, celebration.
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Hello Spring!

April showers bring May flowers….a new beginning. Kringen Lodge is beginning a revival after the pandemic slow-down.
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Barnetoget – The Children’s Parade

The Seventeenth of May children’s parade captures the essence of Norway’s Constitution Day celebration. The proud display of red, white, and blue in flags and costumes pays tribute to the Norwegian democracy founded in 1814.
Mother’s Graham Bread

Recipe: Mors Grov Brod (Mother’s Graham Bread)

This recipe for Mother’s Graham Bread was published years ago in a Sons of Norway Scandinavian Cook Book my mother used to make traditional favorites. There was nothing better than the scent of her freshly baked bread, except the taste of a warm slice slathered with salty butter!
A hydro electric plant on a river

Clean, Quiet Construction Sites? In Oslo, Yes

In 2019, Oslo adopted a new “zero emission” policy to curb the pollution traditionally belched out by big construction machinery at the city’s many work sites. Electric excavators, saws and other plug-in equipment is now on the job, alongside traditional machinery designed to use diesel but now refitted with batteries.
New Norwegian Passport

Norway to Introduce New Passports

On October 19, 2020, Norway issued its first new passports to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ine Eriksen Søreide, and the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Monica Mæland. The decision to create a new version of the passport was mainly to increase its security elements, making it more difficult to forge.
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May at the Kringen Klub!

It’s been so fun to see familiar faces back at the Sons of Norway again. We have an exciting month of music and fun planned for you!

Featured Kringen Klub for April: Torsk Klub

Welcome to April, and with it, a return of many of the activities we so dearly love at the Sons of Norway! As you consider your expanding options for activities here at Kringen Klub, there is perhaps one that might be to your liking, at least if what you’re liking is torsk.