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New Donations To The Kringen Heritage Library

by Lynne Olson Rommesmo An immigrant trunk has been donated to the Sons of Norway by Arnold Jordheim. This trunk arrived in Barrie Township, west of Walcott ND, in 1903 with Arnold’s maternal uncle Ole Eikre. As a 17-year-old, Ole traveled from Hemsdel Norway to the US to join his uncle, Knute Eckre, in North Dakota. Eventually, other members of the family arrived also. Note the name change from Eikre to Eckre; many family names were changed upon arrival in the new land. The trunk is now on…

The Mysteries of the Runes

Runes are the symbols used in the writings of ancient Nordic and Teutonic peoples. The earliest examples date back to 200-300 AD, and their origins are shrouded in mystery.

Jamestown-area Folks Unite!

Are you from the Jamestown area? Come in for lunch at the Sons of Norway Kringen Kafe on Wednesday, July 21st at 11:30 am, and join others from your home area. Make new friends or catch up with old ones! Tables will be reserved in our lovely and unique Troll Lounge for as many as can come. An open-faced hot pork sandwich will be the special ($7.50) and lots of delicious desserts to choose from. No RSVP needed. Coffee provided.
Manager's Corner

Happy 4th of July!

This month as you celebrate our country’s independence and the blessings of freedom, come on down to the Sons of Norway and celebrate your Norwegian heritage, too! There is plenty of good food, fun, and fellowship all month-long waiting for you. Keep your Posten calendar handy and join us!
From the Klub President

Ramping Back Up!

Our Thursday night music is back and we look forward to having more evenings open in the Troll Lounge.
From the Lodge President

Tusen Takk – A Thousand Thanks

As we near the end of our “Together at Kringen” Campaign, we are ready to celebrate the generosity of our Sons of Norway members.

Buying a pig in a poke and not knowing beans about it

He is Muslim and does not eat pork. Nevertheless, he called his debut book "Griseflax." [pig’s luck, used like the English expression “lucky duck!”] The title could not be more fitting, according to the author himself. Ali Mohamed came alone as a resettlement refugee from Somalia to Norway in 2012. He quickly integrated and eventually got a job as a bilingual assistant at Bamble upper secondary school in Vestfold og Telemark county, the newspaper Varden says. Even though his Norwegian improved,…

Norway’s Self-Proclaimed “Time-Free Zone”

The small northern-Norwegian island of Sommarøy made a splash in the summer of 2019 with its proclaimed intent to declare itself “the world’s first time-free zone.”

Happy Birthday, Edvard Grieg!

Born June 15, 1843 in Bergen, Edvard Grieg became Norway’s most celebrated composer. He is recognized as an important figure in the Romantic era of music in the 19th century.