Arvid Benson Seter

The rosemålled ceiling in the Arvid Benson Seter, our conference room, was done by noted Norwegian artist Arvid “Chris” Kristoffersen from Kragero, Telemark, Norway. This unique all-Norwegian room was made possible through a generous gift from Arvid and Patty Benson of Moorhead.

The Bensons provided all of the old wood for the walls, money for the rosemålling, and construction of the unique conference table as well as the carpeting. The table, benches, and ceiling idea originated with Carrol Juven with specifications by LeRoy Johnson. Cushions were made of fabric from Trondheim, Norway, upholstered by Helen Geraghty, Marie Bueide, Hazel Buhaug, and Della Rudd.

A traditional Norwegian seter is a simple summer wooden cottage in the mountains with a barn where Norwegian bonder (farmers) bring their livestock herds (cattle, goats, and sheep) to be milked after a day of grazing in the high pastures.

Arvid Benson Seter image